Ddoodm's Facebook ABCs Game Hack!

Some of you may know of a game on Facebook called "How Fast Are You? Prove It.". If not, you can find it here; http://apps.facebook.com/fastabc/

I really enjoy this game, so naturally, as my geeky self, I wanted to write a hack / cheat for it. And so, after a day and a half of C# programming, here's what I came up with.

I plan to release the source code with the app after I fix it up a bit. But if you want the code now, just let me know through the "Contact Ddoodm" form and I'll send it right over! It is written in C# with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2. If you need it downgraded, just let me know. ;)



FB Hack

A Beta of iTypefast (Fast ABCs Game Hack) is now avalible!

To download the binaries, simply click download. After the download is complete, extract everything with your ZIP program.

It's not fully accurate, but it does the job.


Here's a screenshot of it in action!


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