Ddoodm's Pest Control

Ddoodm's Pest Control is video I made in 2009 as a computer studies project. Not my best work, but it's a bit funny. Enjoy!


The Log

Alright! I’ve got some Drum N’ Bass playing in the background, I’ve got the MIDI controller set up with FL so I can play along, I’m sitting on my bouncy ball, and I’m ready to start this thing!! Unlike the last time, I’m actually going to do this like a log. Anything I (Or we, in some cases) do, It’ll be written down on this piece of paper. Ok then! Let’s get started!
*Decides to go and play GTA online instead. Huh. Internet is down. Poo. L Ok then, let’s REALLY get started!
Be sure to check out the special features too! I plan on putting interesting stuff in this time!!
The ad will be based around a made up company called Ddoodm’s Pest Extermination Service. I don’t really know where the idea came from, but its ok I guess. I would have liked to do a bit of a random commercial though. Anyways, the story basically starts off with a cool looking, but dodgy PET exterminator (me) and an innocent customer who wants his PESTS exterminated. So basically, the customer goes out and I exterminate all his pets. The guy gets back and he sees that I exterminated his pets when he thought I was going to exterminate his pests. Pretty tricky story! Well, not really.
            So then, I, as a pest exterminator this time, come up on one of those annoying poorly made green screen thingies. Then, after that scene, something happens and then I come busting in through another customer’s door. That part will be worked out later. J
            The main thing is to make the ad look both professional and cheap at the same time. So basically, bad acting mixed with reasonable special effects and high quality video. Only problem is that I can’t put a HD video on a DVD. So unfortunately,  it will be a medium quality video.

September 5:
             Today, me and Gar (Dad) went outside to start filming. I got him to drive from the street down from us, up to our driveway. We repeated this about 3 times to get the right angles / shots / sounds (which, eventually I didn’t bother using anyway). Then I took a clip of me getting out of the car. I simply just started recording, got into the car and then got out again. It wasn’t the greatest quality shot, but I’ll fix it up later in AE. It all worked out well! Later on, I grabbed the videos from the camera using Vegas, and then put them into After Effects. I added some colour corrections and curves to the footage. Also, the shots which I by hand I applied a stabilization script too. After that I tried looking around on my PC, LimeWire and ThePirateBay for some Western style music. Unfortunately, I couldn’t anything good. I got Dad upstairs to help me find some good Western stuff. He had an old CD with all kinds of cool old music on it! But none of them were really the right thing. A bit later on, we did an iTunes Store search for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly which was also on Dad’s CD, but it was a bit of a cheap version. Anyways, there was a great version of it on iTunes. It was $1.69, so we bought it. It really fits in well with the video! Later on, I just put a few of the clips together, rendered a low-res version and took a look. Looking good so far! I like it!

September 6:
            Just polished up a few of the clips. I fixed up the shot where I get out of the car. It looks a lot better now!! Also, I messed around with trying to get the music to sync with the video properly. This part took a lot of work. Time remapping, stretching and all that stuff. Not a lot of fun, but I finished it in the end! Then, I fixed a problem where there was too much reflection coming off the car and you could see the camera clearly (Shot where I’m stepping out of the car).

September 13:
            Today, I got back into the lab suit and put on Dad’s Sydney Busses florescent shirt thingy. I grabbed an old PS2 game gun and put the cable down my sleeve.  I took the camera and the tripod outside ready to do some filming. Gar and I made up some lines out of nowhere and then I set up the camera for the first talking shot. Which was me, facing and talking to the customer. Then I took a clip of Gar answering my question. J

Later on, we went inside to shoot the indoor scene I set up the camera for a shot of Gareth opening the door and coming in.This section I thought was a bit rushed and poor. But hey, that’s what the adverts about right?
After we finished that scene, I went upstairs to import the videos and fix them up with some curves adjustments and things like that.
Later in the afternoon, I realized that the video looked really dumb all slowed down like it was. I needed a new clip at the beginning. So I went outside and took the sun going down outside of our place. I figured I would sort of reverse it later in AE.

September 14:
            Today, I got out the old green sheet and Gareth found an old florescent light in the garage! Awesome! I had no script for this. I just set up the camera, plugged in an old mic I didn’t even know I had, stood in front of the greenscreen and started talking like Vince from the ShamWow ad! Not planned at all! Nothing like one take!
After that, I went upstairs to start keying and editing! Here is what it looks like! (Unfinished BTW) Also tonight, I joined the scenes together properly.

September 16:
            This afternoon, Gar and I went out the back to film the final scene. Gareth got dressed up as another customer and I got dressed up as the dodgy pet exterminator again. This is my favorite! Nice effects and colours. After we filmed this part, you guessed it! I went upstairs to edit! The first thing I did was model and texture a D.Diffuse, Reflection, Bump and RayTraced     32 sample Ambient Occlusions parse
Just overlay and multiply in Photoshop and your done! You’re A/O parse is combine with your rasterized render! (Works best with vert shading)
After all the 3D stuff, I composed in on top of the video, curved the video a bit and fixed up the audio.

September 17:
            We filmed the rest of the final scene and I did a lot of editing and made sure everything worked correctly. Nothing too interesting to go into, so I won’t.
Happy birthday to my Cozens too!

September 18:
            Today, I completed the movie! First of all, I designed and did the voice-over for the information screen, then I stuck all the comps together in one comp and rendered. The rendering process for this part took AGES. I decided to leave the video uncompressed (lossless compression) and re-compress it in Vegas. It seems to do a very good job. Whenever I mess with compression in AE, I get memory leaks and it starts crashing all over the place. When the final video completed the render process, I designed and wrote XML for the DVD. Please excuse the sticky buttons. I wanted to do the entire thing myself, instead of using one of those n00b apps that do everything for you. :P

September 19:
Today, I completed the move fully! I did a quick packet design and burned the movie!! I hope you enjoy the movie! Dad and I sure enjoyed developing it!

Please make sure to visit my YouTube channel at http://youtube.com/ddoodm for cool tutorials and movies! Have a great day!!

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