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Message From Ddoodm

VDuck is currently under re-construction! A lot of new features are being added right now! Feel free to browse around and make yourself at home.

The site should be up 100% in a few weeks / months. :)

What Is VDuck?

VDuck is a website I started in October 2006. It was originally designed as a personal website for my family. Over two years, the website grew, but still retained its original design layout and idea. The layout was simple, and the website had no purpose. The website's total hit count from February 2007 to December 2007 was around 2,000 hits, a relatively small figure.

In 2009, the site grew to serve more of a purpose, and attracted slightly more traffic. VDuck now had it's own image hosting service for users and a live video stream from my computer. But even with these interesting new features, the site was still primarily a family site.

In mid-2009, VDuck undertook a total revamp. The design was re-built from scratch, but in the end, was still not a dynamic design.

Now, in march 2010, the site is being fully-rebuilt from the ground up. Entirely new code, new ideas and a new design. Once complete, the domain http://ddoodm.com/OldSites/VDuck2010/ will most likely be parked and the web site will be hosted at http://ddoodm.com/ where it will become my portfolio and resume. Thank you for your interest in VDuck! Enjoy your visit!

Deinyon Davies


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