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Teapot Defense Simulator 2014

Teapot Defense Simulator 2014 is a major assignment that I completed for UTS: Game Programming, with contributions from Daniel Nelson, Matthew Wale and Jesse Walker.

Download the ready-to-go binary (Microsoft .NET Framework and XNA Framework required), or download the Visual Studio source files (C#).
TDS'14 Screenshot
TDS'14 Screenshot
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File GameProgrammingMajor.png 03 Jul 2015  
File GameProgrammingMajorLarge.png 03 Jul 2015  
File TeapotDefenseSimulator2014_bin.zip 01 Mar 2015  
File TeapotDefenseSimulator2014_src.zip 01 Mar 2015  
File readme.pdf 02 Nov 2014  
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