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What's Your Goal, Kid?

Who knows what the future will bring?
Who knows what the future will bring?

I would love to work at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe or one of their partner companies; I love Sony and almost everything they make, especially the PlayStation series and its developer hardware! It would of course be super-neat to get my clammy hands on some current-generation Sony dev gear! I'm stuck with an emulated DTL-K1, a broken open-source toolchain and a virtual Win95 machine at the moment.

Immediately after UTS, however, I may go back to Virtuocity to continue my work experience in 3D modelling, animation and programming, maybe move on to Lion Head Studios (up the road, literally) and then make billions of dollars in some high-profile programming / 3D job. Hopefully in games, or at least some kind of graphics / programming interoperation work.

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